No More Tigers at Our Fair Protest and a random trip to the city…

This week I…

Protested some tigers at the local fair, lost a friend, gained a few new ones, took a spontaneous overnight trip to the city, my daughter caught some random virus from who knows where and we are about ready to start potty training her!

The protest itself went well. The local media either ignored us, or in the case of the paper, printed a bias article and even printed a blatant lie about our protest, a lie which I believe the person told in order to attempt to discredit our protest and make himself look good. In the end though, I think it makes him look pretty silly for lying, and just ends up discrediting him more. The author of the article has agreed to print an explanation and retraction, and I myself posted the truth on the newspapers website. All in all, we managed to collect 200 signatures, educate many people and made some friends in the process. We spread the word about the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act (H.R. 3359…now in Congress) and collected 143 signatures for that as well to send to our local representative.

A friend of mine, for the past 6 years now, has always been in disagreement with me about my stance on traveling exotic animal shows, among other things. We were in the same program in college, but we both walked away from it with different views on whats right and whats wrong. I have never let it get in the way of our friendship, however I think maybe this was too much for him. He has decided that we should no longer be friends. I will miss him truly, but if I had to do it again I would. People must always stand up for what they believe in and I don’t regret standing up, nor do I begrudge him for anything either. Everyone has to do what they feel is best in all matters.

My husband, after reading the article, got so angry at the performer for what he had said that he wanted to print out fliers specifically outlining his many USDA violations and very suspicious and sordid history with animals (our fliers weren’t specifically aimed at this performer, just in general plain facts about the lives of traveling animals.) So he stayed up half the night making them. The next day he wanted to run down to Staples and have them mass printed to spread around. I told him no. To do something so childish would be no better than what the performer tried to do to our protest. I don’t need to fight dirty to win because the truth was on my side.

So instead we took a spontaneous trip down to the zoo in the city!

We had so much fun we decided to stay the night, and a few clicks from hubby’s IPhone later we had a hotel reservation. Went out to a great place for dinner, then the next day did some shopping and bought my daughter a Merida doll from the Disney store! Just what we needed!

Of course, by Tuesday night we ended up in the E.R. with a temperature of 103.  After two hours of waiting, with another three to go (according to the triage nurse) the other three families with toddlers and us decided to leave. By this point it was 11:30 at night, so far past my little one’s bedtime that the best thing for her was sleep and a visit to the pediatrician in the morning.

Flash forward, her doctor does a bunch of tests and can’t figure it out. Says bring her back in three days if her fever is still around. Just another random toddler illness. This is only her third fever in her 20 months. The first she had an ear infection around 14 months, the second was Hand Foot and Mouth Disease at the beginning of this month and now this. The pediatrician doesn’t think it is from HFM, he thinks it is something separate. The nurse thinks she is teething. We have never had a fever when teething, anyway she has most of her molars already.

As of today, she is still fussy and cranky, but no fever. We are going to wait until Monday if she isn’t back to herself than back to the doctor we go. Missing playgroup this week stinks, but it is what it is. I think being a parent you learn to just kind of go with the flow sometimes (not my strong point.)

In other news, I bought her a cool new potty! Hopefully it will be here by next week.

It’s by Hoppop. Lets see if she likes it. We also have the Prince Lionheart weePod:

Its easy to put on and take off, easy to clean and it looks comfy, but she cant climb up on the big potty by herself to use it, even with our step stool, and I think that may be whats hindering her potty training so far. She is very independent, she wants to do everything herself. She spent the first 6 months after birth in hubby or my arms, and now we can hardly pin her down for a moment! We even had to take shifts holding her and alternating sleeping. She never wanted to be put down! Now I really wish we could just sit and relax and snuggle on the couch for awhile sometimes. That never happens unless she is sick.

See you all next week!

  1. From here on please keep me in the loop regarding future protest for animals,no one informed me of the lastest one at the Watertown fairgrounds and I live in Watertown.

    In Unity,Irish Cornaire

  2. Also I cannot find ye page on facebook,kindly send me the link so as I can join it.

    Irish Cornaire

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