Hooray for Christian Bale

original link: http://www.denverpost.com/theatershooting/ci_21147699

Just wanted to say that I think it’s really amazing of Christian Bale to go and visit those people. Certainly no one was forcing him. Their was the thing going around Facebook/Twitter that a lot of us thought he should go, I am sure if you have been on either site in the past 48 hours you have seen someone posting or tweeting about it. I am sure that must have gotten back to him somehow. It makes me really happy that he really did go.

I haven’t blogged about the shooting for a reason and I am certainly not going to go on a crazy rant now. I am sure everyone is feeling about the same things; confusion, anger, frustration, sympathy (especially for Miss Moser who lost her 6-year-old little girl.)  I hope that the gunman gets what he deserves, Colorado does have the death penalty so there is hope for that. I wont carry on, others have said it much better than I could.

I just wanted to quick post that Christian Bale gets lots of awesome points back for being a good enough guy in real life to go be a real “superhero” to these people.  He is a very talented actor, and even though his reputation isn’t perfect (who is?) and he has a few bad things floating around about him, this makes him a really cool guy in my book.

Thumbs up to you Christian Bale! You rock!

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