Behind Every Great Man…

…is an extremely frazzled and exhausted wife!

This week seems to have been the week of marital “slavery.” At least, it has felt like it, and not in a fun kinky way! This week I have done a LOT of give for my husband and he has tried to do his best to give back, he really did. He isn’t really so great about coming up with things on his own. He can follow my explicit instructions to a “T” though!

What does that saying even mean anyway? To a “T?” I found a little bit about it referring to the old phrase: “I’ll quote him to a tittle.”  Off topic…

As usual it was a busy week around the house. My mom and sister came up for a visit for a few days, which is about all I can stand of that. Not that I don’t love them, I really do love them very much. I just cant stand to be in the same space with them for more than a week. Can anyone out their say ANY different about there own family?

We celebrated my mom and my husbands birthday, although not on the same day. Everyone was happy all around.

Hubby got his gifts early; mostly because he really wanted them and partly because it frees up the use of our only vehicle for me to use while he is working.

I got my dear husband a $150 pair of roller blades. Why you ask? Because he begged and begged. We WERE going to go on a quick mini-vacation to the caves, but last minute he changed his mind. He used to do a lot of “sk8ing” back before he became an adult with responsibilities. I think he wants to relive a bit of his past and go out again. His knees and shins are shot and his joints are quite creaky, so we got him some elbow and knee pads (of course I got the gaskets too, DUH) and some shin guards. He felt like a jacka*s at first, until he hit the ground hard just skating on the road. Still need to get him that helmet….

Did I mention we paid rent this week and lots of bills? Got to love the first two weeks of every month where we have nearly no money… NOT.

Which brings me to what I have been doing at most free moments of time this week; trying to get hubby a better job! Found out this week (like yesterday) the bank is foreclosing on the place he works now. He will have his job till January 1st (we hope at least) and maybe beyond. Who knows? It is very in the air right now.

But really, that doesn’t matter, as we HAD plans to get out of here this fall. They fell through, as plans do sometimes, but we built a new plan! That fell through today, as their is NO WAY we could acquire $35,000 in six months. it was a good plan too, just very expensive! So, I have been formulating a new NEW plan, in the hope that this one will come to fruition. And who, you may ask, is doing all this planning and organizing? ME, that’s who!

Whats really important is not so much the short term who is doing what, its the long term stability is SHOULD provide. We are willing to make sacrifices to get established and set up a long term comfy spot for ourselves. We want to retire in a nice deep warm cocoon’esqe rut. Preferably in the shape of a small houseboat…

The new NEW plan will take longer to pan out, and will have more bumps, but it is more feasible and allows for more flexibility. However, the “payoff” will take longer. So unless some generous Samaritan wants to donate $35,000 to our family so my husband can take a intensive two year training course to kick start a new career, then the slow way is our only option.  We can’t have anymore student debt laying about, we are already in over our heads for all the good it does us!

It would be nice to live on a coast, to smell the ocean air every day. I wouldn’t mind living in Maine or Oregon, or maybe even Connecticut. Sometimes it is really hard when your dreams are more like visions in your head; so very clear, but the reality can take so long even with it giving all you got.  Such is life I think. As long as we keep moving up and keep dreaming I guess it isn’t so bad. I will get my dog shelter for abused, disabled and elderly dogs some day even if I have to build it with my own two hands!

I do get to the beach up here quite regularly, and even though it isn’t the ocean, it is good enough for right now. One of the great things about having a per diem status with my job is that I have the luxury to go to the beach nearly any day I want.

Husband is out at the skate park playing with his new toys so tonight I am going to kick back and spend a nice three hour block on my Sims 3 game… as long as the little lady doesn’t wake up! After this week of extra ordinary giving to my loved ones, I could definitely use a little me time.

A treat for you, enjoy! (This is NOT my video)

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