New Dicipline Technique Update (Day One)

Today I made an ongoing effort to enact a new disciplinary style in our home for our toddler.  (see My Thoughts On Empathy blog entry for more details) Here’s a quick update on how today went, a long with a little potty training update!

Instead of ignoring the behavior, at each moment she started to drift off into tantrum land (you can see the warning bells at it comes) I got down to her eye level, and said “Look at Mommy” in a gentle but firm tone when I had her attention I would say something to the effect of “Mommy understands you feel upset because -insert random anything that makes a toddler upset- and I hear you. You feel frustrated and angry, and I see that you are trying to tell me how you feel.”

We had a small meltdown right around our mid-morning tantrum time, but it was nothing compared to her usual flaring temper. It was like a mild rain in August compared to a howling hurricane.

There were a few moments where I still had to use the stern “don’t do that” voice. But today I significantly decreased my use of the words “No” and “Don’t”  and instead used things like; “I understand you want your Pacie right now, but let’s go play with our toys instead.” We don’t let her have Pacie during the day, ONLY for bedtime use and she understands that.

So it is good that we have already seen a significant decrease in tantrum after just one day, but honestly I feel like I am giving in to her a lot. I am doing a lot of redirecting and such, which is fine, but I also feel like I am not disciplining her. It is good that I didn’t have to yell at her 20 times to stop doing something, but a few things (like sitting down for dinner) was still a contest of “how many times can Mommy repeat the same thing before I listen.” All in all I would say a marked improvement, but still have a few concerns. I wonder how this technique will work in public and not just around the house? No way to know but to try!

I will not update our progress every day, but I will blog about any significant advances.

And a quick potty update, she LOVES her Hoppop Donut Potty. On August second she went poo in it all by herself! Granted, she hasn’t done it again since… BUT she doesn’t fight and usually even asks to sit on her potty a few times a day now! Baby steps baby, baby steps!

  1. May 21st, 2013

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