Dissapointment at Gaga and Brain Melt for Me…

This week I can’t even describe in detail there is too much going on. I kind of wish I had someone other than my husband to talk to about all this, but honestly, I don’t think I even could right now, so I turn to you semi-anonymity of the internet!

I can’t believe it is Wednesday already and all of this has only happened over the past four days but the decisions we make next are going to shape the rest of our lives.

It is a lot of pressure.

Outwardly, not a lot of people can probably tell what is going on, and I don’t really want it public yet, any of what is going on. It isn’t even one thing; when it rains, it pours, eh?

Right now, feeling overwhelmed. Blasting some old Kittie (over the headphones as not to wake the sleeping toddler of course) just trying to decompress and stop thinking about it for a bit. Also, after I am done writing this, going to work on the doll house some more, that’s pretty mindless busy work.

Update about what all this is about as soon as I can actually speak about it publicly. Stay tuned kids!


In other news, Lady Gaga may or may not be wearing real fur. She has yet to actually confirm or deny if it was real. It looks pretty real, but who knows? She can certainly afford high-end fakes. She has also publicly stated she is against fur.

Just in case, I will NOT be supporting Gaga at all until this matter is officially cleared up, and I am telling others to consider the same. I wont go into a big crazy rant about how the animals are tortured and skinned alive, I am sure you have heard it (if you haven’t check out these links: Animal Defenders International and Cruelty Free)

I am willing to give Gaga the benefit of the doubt, I do love her music and my daughter LOVES to dance-y dance to it; but until I get clarification on her TRUE stance on fur I am going to have to join the boycott.

Here’s a brief story so you get the gist: Lady Gaga Fur Flip Flop


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