Celebrity Crush… then and now

Thinking recently about how my taste in men has, and hasn’t, changed over the years. Here are the ones that stick out in my mind. Decided to share because who DOESN’T love a post full of hot guys?

Lesbians. They might not like a post full of hot guys. I will add in a few hot girls too… just to round us out….

Age 10:

Jim Carrey

I don’t really get it either. But it is what it is. Maybe since he was so funny. To this day I am a sucker for a guy with a good sense of humor. It’s the classic “he has to be able to make me laugh” syndrome I suppose. Of course now I don’t really understand how I could have thought he was cute, even back then. Love him as an actor however. I could watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind a thousand times and not get tired of it.

Age 10:

Elijah Wood

OK, so that’s NOT what he looked like when I was 10, but I felt odd as an adult posting a picture of him from the movie North in a blog about my celebrity crushes. Totally fine for a ten-year old to be crushing an another adorable kid… NOT so much for a grown woman to. Although, to this day he is still pretty adorable. Is he still my type? Eh, not so much anymore…

Age 14-24:

Seth Green

Oh Oz, you rebellious yet funny and sweet boy next door… who also happened to be a werewolf which didn’t take away from his quirky charm. Sensitive, but independent and brave enough to stand up for what he thought was right and to stand by his girl. And he was in a band. The character of Oz (played by Seth green of course) sparked nearly a decade of hardcore Seth Green crush. I was absolutely smitten. My first long-term commitment boyfriend and first love bore a small resemblance to Seth Green. I have probably seen every movie he has ever been in, and I watched Robot Chicken (and Greg the Bunny) religiously until we gave up cable for good. Now? He is still adorable of course and I will always have that 15-year-old inside me screaming about how “perfect” he is, but as the adult me who I am now I have kind of outgrown him.

Age 14-16:

Leonardo DiCaprio

I had this exact poster on my wall for quite a long time. What kind of adolescent would I have been in the late 90’s to NOT have a crush on Leo? Of course, as Jack he was dreamy, but I always liked him better as Romeo. Nowadays, Leonardo DiCaprio has certainly aged into a very handsome man and very talented actor. Still crush worthy, but in a more mature sort of way.

I also had a small crush on this long-haired skinny kid from 3d Rock From the Sun.. more on that later…

Age 16-23:

Now we get into the “guys in bands” that I think every girl goes through at some point. I was a radio DJ for a short while part-time back then and my life way mostly about music and parties. Too many to list them all, not even going to name the ones I knew in person, but here’s just a few that stand out in my mind:

Spider One from Powerman 5000

Wayne Static from Static-X

Brandon Boyd from Incubus

Sully Erna from Godsmack (despite being a Bostonian)

….Just to name a few anyway.

Age 24-26:

Dominic Monaghan

Especially as his character Charlie on Lost. Yes, I was one of those who bawled when they drowned him on the show. Very sexy guy, not so sexy as a hobbit though…

Age 26:

Russell Tovey

Russell Tovey - russel-tovey Photo
I think a big part of this one was the relationship his character George had with Nina (Sinead Keenan) on Being Human. Yet another T.V. hottie who turns into a werewolf, I think this probably makes me a weird person that I have two on my list. Does it matter that in real life this actor is gay? Not a bit. Still a hottie.

Ryan Gosling

It may be strange that I started crushing on him after seeing him in Stay (still to this day my favorite of his movies) and was blown away by him in Lars and The Real Girl. Of course, it is quite plain to see how attractive he is, and he seems to not be a DB in real life, that is always a nice feature on a man too.


Joseph Gordon Levitt

I really can not get enough of JGL this past year or two. I think my little crush got rekindled when I watched Brick which is this great take on modern noir, set in a high school but tackles a bigger storyline then just “high school drama.” I highly recommend it. His performance in Mysterious Skin was mind-blowing as well. He is pure sexy and a very talented actor to boot. And then of course Inception hit and I was like; Wow, is that Joseph Gordon Levitt? We are now in full on celebrity crush mode, which is great because he seems to be in almost every movie that’s come out this year. We even went and saw Premium Rush just because of JGL. I think my husband has a bit of a man-crush on him as well. It’s so interesting that kind of dorky looking kid from the show about the aliens impersonating humans would grow up to be… well… just look at him and tell me isn’t the standard for whats attractive in a man?

That’s right, you can’t.

And now some hot ladies; as promised.

Every woman can appreciate another beautiful woman, and usually has some secret wish regarding her looks compared to that woman’s looks. So, as a bonus to this blog, here’s my “wish I had her…”


Milla Jovovich

Could they be any longer! So sexy.


Uma Thurman

I have always thought she has the most classically beautiful features, especially that lovely swans neck. Also, hottest woman on my list, hands down.


Kate Winslet

Curvy and beautiful.


Eartha Kitt

The best Catwoman ever, and one of the original sexy strong women.


Nicole Kidman

Always has perfect hair.

Hope you all enjoyed my list!I always find it interesting to go back and look at some of the ways I have changed over the years.

So the question is; who does my husband look like? I don’t particularly like to compare him to celebrities. To me, he is most definitely the hottest guy on my list. Funny, and sweet and just enough of a jerk to be cute. Tattooed and pierced, good with kids and helps around the house. Loyal and stable and in love with me. That’s better than any celebrity crush because I get to have him in real life.

    • CJ
    • October 16th, 2012

    My wife looks like Ellen! But I’m far from a Porcha!

    • CJ
    • October 16th, 2012

    My wife looks like Ellen, but I’m far from a Porcha!

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