T Tauri Tutu’s, househunting, and results of empathy parenting…

Created a brand an opened my own Facebook shop for my tutu’s! Everyone has been telling me to for nearly two years so here goes! If you want to check it out I am T Tauri Tutu’s! Hooray!

I make tutu's...

I make tutu’s…

Like this One...

Like this One…


In other news house hunting is going well. Really excited. Looking at two today, one is kind of out of our price range but what the heck! It’s got an all brick exterior! Trying to figure out exactly what we want. It’s a big life altering and influencing decision. Wherever we choose is going to be the home where our children grow up. My best memories are of the house on the hill I grew up in. I want to make sure we choose the right place for our children.

Speaking of which, this is too cute not to share and I think really illustrates how our positive parenting is impacting our daughter:

This morning I couldn’t get the diaper on Mogwai fast enough, and he did what baby boys do best; all over me and the changing table. After everyone was cleaned up, Pumpkinhead went over gave him a hug and said “It’s OK, sometimes accidents happen. Don’t feel bad.”

If that’s not enough to make a mom proud, I don’t know what is! Glad to see our parenting style is having a real impact!

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