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As of May 29, 2016

Here is my little blurb that i try to update sometimes about my life in general. This blog is more for me but I am glad you are here too.

So here I am now. Three (3!) amazing children who keep me on my toes and limit my ability to do…. pretty much anything not involving them. And that’s pretty cool with me right now. For the purpose of this blog, my oldest daughter is called Pumpkinhead, my son is referred to as Mogwai and our youngest is pseudo-named Squishy. Fun Fact: That is the nicknames we use for them around the house often too. Still madly in love with my crazy/amazing chef husband. I love watching where our love and teamwork has taken us thus far!

As of march of 2014 I re-entered my passion and career caring for animals. I am back Zookeeping. I have luckily found an amazing AZA facility that is extremely flexible with my schedule so I can continue to stay at home with the kids primarily. It is so nice to have a piece of myself back, even if its just part time. My kids take priority; but I need to continue my mission as well. Caring for critters and spreading awareness and messages of conservation. Trying to do my part to care for all the species and their habitats on our one and only home; Earth.

I exclusively breastfeed Squishy, let the other two self wean. We are secular homeschoolers (just finishing our first year now.) I try every day to practice Positive Parenting/Attachment Parenting/Evolutionary Parenting type style. We are a bit crunchy, with elements of modern practicality.

Overall, very happy with life! Exhausted but fulfilled. Lets see where we go from here…


As of Novemeber 18, 2013

Who am I now? This little page is dedicated into my summed up current veiw of myself. As I re-read what I wrote  a little over a year ago I certainly do not feel like the same person. Much of it is still true, but so much more has happened.

As always, I am committed to being ever truthful with this blog, and that means no white lies to myself either.

I am a mother of two amazing and wonderful children and I am madly in love with my husband despite the strife and up’s and downs that occur when living in a stressful situation. For the purpose of this blog, my daughter is called Pumpkinhead and my son is referred to as Mogwai. Fun Fact: That is the nicknames we use for them around the house often too.

We are at this current point we are over $12,000 less income then we had last year (hubby laid off, took the best offer we could find as fast as we could because nearly 5 months on unemployment really doesn’t work out). But we have health insurance with his new job. In the past year we have moved twice and changed states. This has left me worn out and stressed.

Despite working professionally in the animal care field for over a decade, then becoming a stay at home mom briefly, I have recently had to go back to work in a part time night job that I am extremely overqualified for. But it fits what we need right now and brings in some gas money. This is the first time in my entire life I have needed food stamps (SNAP.) As a family of 4 we get $70 a month. I can’t complain… but it really doesn’t go far. I find it ironic that I have been paying taxes for nearly 15 years and never had assistance (besides WIC) even when I was homeless for a little while. Now that we need it, and we are in the “working poor” the government is making more and more cuts to public programs. Why have I been giving them money for the past 15 years if they wont help us when we are desperate?

I am still very passionate about my cause, but to be honest exhaustion has taken it’s toll on my activism. Maybe as we slowly climb back up the ladder I will have more time and ability to put the money and energy into educating the public and working to change laws. I do volunteer at my local Humane Society and that helps.

I exclusively breastfeed my son, and attachment parent my children.

A lot of our dreams have been put on hold this year, but they are not forgotten. We just have to keep going.

So who am I now? I am still me, a more tired, slightly defeated me but that’s part of the highs and lows of life. We are working hard to get back where we need to be. I am thankful to be here. I am just as stubborn and determined as ever, albeit slightly more lonely. I guess I don’t really have an answer right this moment; I am kind of in limbo I suppose? See me on the other side…


As of July 20, 2012:

This blog USED to be something much more anonymous, with much more private thoughts, and a way too in depth account of my own personal back story.

I have decided to branch out, write more often and about more current subjects in my life. That’s why you wont be able to find most of the old posts anymore.

OUT with the old and IN with the new, eh? Check back often for the new stuff as I write it…

The basics you need to know:

I am a passionate deep-feeling person, happily married, mother of one (so far.) We live simply, we are not wealthy but not yet impoverished. We have two cats. I dream of owning our own home with a yard so we can have a dog too.

I am a trained professional animal caretaker by trade, although currently focused on raising the best little human that I can. I work for the cause of animal welfare, living by example, protesting wrongs when I see it. I am not a PETA member.

Movies where babies and animals get hurt make me cry uncontrollably and I am not ashamed to say it.

I too often wear my heart on my sleeve, tell people bluntly how I feel and what I think, and ramble when I am nervous.

Picard is a way better captain than Kirk, but Janeway is my favorite.

I am not afraid to be who I am, and to share it. It took me a long time to get to be me for real and I am never going to give that up.

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