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When I grew up…

When I was five years old I wanted to grow up to be a mermaid.

I truly believed with all my heart that if I swam enough and practiced holding my breath enough and worked hard enough and believed hard enough that one day when I was grown up I could turn into a mermaid.

I worked so hard. I practiced holding my breath all the time. I swam constantly at every chance I could; and since I grew up in upstate New York there were plenty of lakes and ponds around for me to practice in. I could mermaid kick across the pond like nothing you had ever seen before. I BELIEVED.

One day, the thought occurred to me, that no matter how hard I worked or tried… no matter what I did, I could never grow gills. Because I could never grow gills and breath under water I would never ever become a mermaid no matter how bad I wanted it and worked for it.

That something was completely and utterly out of my control and keeping me from attaining my dream; that was a childhood revelation and has been mostly the story of my life.

No matter how hard you work; you will never grow gills.


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